Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Over It.

Today I'm over it.
I'm over the whining, the fussiness, the crying, the fighting.
I'm over the mess, the dirty dishes, the piles of laundry.

Ethan has been in an ornery mood most of the day. 
So bad that he threw himself on the floor at my sister's house screaming and yelling. 
This rarely happens but, Really?
You would have thought I was torturing him.

And Jacob hasn't been feeling well for two days, which means lack of sleep (for everyone) and clinginess.

So I'm over it.
(Is that horrible to say?)
Thankfully they are sleeping at this minute and I'd love for it to continue for another hour.
I'd even take 30 minutes.

I rarely feel like I should get paid to stay home but today feels like one of those days.
Actually, I don't think I could even pay anyone to stay home with them today.
(I'm joking, slightly.)

Thank goodness that in just a couple of short hours Brett will be home to help.
I have an easy, frozen Trader Joe's dinner waiting and then I'll be off to my Zumba class.
I most definitely need to sweat it out!
A little workout and time away seems to make things better, usually, and I hope that'll do the trick tonight.
I'm off to sit on the couch in silence for at least a couple of minutes.

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katie said...

It is perfectly okay to feel over it! We all feel that way at times. : )