Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The River and The 4th.

Our 4th of July didn't go as planned. 
My parents have a house in Arizona along the Colorado River and that is where we had planned to spend 6 whole, wonderful days. 
Turns out the boys got sick, the a/c was doing them no good, and we needed to come home early.
It was not one of our funnest (is that a word or not?) trips ever.
We did manage to have a little fun and I have pictures to prove it.

I seriously think my sisters and I have the cutest children ever. Sorry everyone.
They also happen to be very white, which means loads of covering up.

 It was my sister's birthday while were there, so of course we had to make a cake.

On the morning of the 4th we packed up and headed home. 
Jacob had been up all night and I knew we needed to go home.
As we were driving home I told Brett that we had to make the best out of the week. He had already taken off work and there was no point in wasting his time off by being bummed out over our canceled trip.
So when we got home Brett headed to the store for food and the nearby firework stand.
We're lucky to be able to do fireworks in our neighborhood and Brett put on a good show. 

This next photo is not the best picture I have ever taken, actually it's pretty horrible, but the expression on their faces is priceless.

I'm not sure how he did it but Jacob fell asleep right in the middle of all the noise.
Although our 4th didn't go as planned we had a great time.
The kids loved the fireworks and we wouldn't have been able to do them at the river. 
Things always seem to work out in the end, don't they?
I hope you had a wonderful 4th too.


Alyss said...

Those kids are all pretty darn cute. And it's amazing where and when kids can fall asleep!

Erin said...

i love the open mouth picture! they are stunned!!! and I can't believe how dorky our children look at the river! safe to say they will not get sunburned!

Gee said...

Dorky? What? My grandkids? How dare you!! :) At least no one got a sunburn...this time!! I love the stunned look on those cute lil faces...priceless!!

hannah singer said...

um, adorable kiddos!! the ladybug-oh my heart.
glad y'all made the most of your time, good job, mama ;) xo