Friday, July 29, 2011

Encinitas {sea world}.

While we were on vacation last week we headed on over to Sea World. 
Brett and I had never been there together, which means it was a first for the kids.
They both loved it!
We got to feed dolphins and seals, touch starfish, learn about sea animals, play, and of course, see Shamu.

I love watching the boys get excited about sea life.
Ethan loves anything that moves in the water and always wants to know the name of the animal he's watching, he's so inquisitive.
Jacob usually just hangs out in the stroller when we go to places like Sea World, but not this trip.
He was most fascinated with Shamu, more so than Ethan.
I had more fun watching the look on his face as Shamu jumped out of the water than I did watching the show. 

We will most definitely be back.


hannah singer said...

what a great visit!
love the last photo the most, y'all are such a sweet family! xo

katie said...

Love it there. We have passes but have not been since summer started. Once school starts we'll go back since it won't be so crazy crowded! It looks like you guys had a blast!