Sunday, July 24, 2011


My little man is 3 today.

I don't know where the days have gone and how he has grown so fast. 
Three years have flown by.
I enjoy each day more and more as his personality grows and shines.
I love him more than I ever dreamed I could. 
Happy Birthday E!


katie said...

Happy 3rd birthday to Ethan! Looks like you found the perfect way to spend his special day. : )

Erin said...

he's so stinkin cute!!!! my favorite part about him right now is his out of control hilarious laugh! i love when he thinks things are worth that much laughter...especially when he is laughing at me ;) i love him to pieces!!!

Alyss said...

Happy birthday Ethan! How dare he keep growing.

Emily Ann Wilson said...

what a great post...made me tear up a little bit. love him and love you! can't wait for his party!

Gee said...

Oh Geez!! I thought I was the only one tearing up and then I read Em's post!! Well...Erin's too!! Love this kid to bits!! I love his inquisitiveness, his laugh, his frown, his sense of humor...I could go on and on!! (Love it when he says, "get out a town!!") Can't believe he's 3!! :)