Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Encinitas {the beach}.

We're home from our fabulous week long vacation at the beach.
 We had so much fun playing at the beach, hanging out with family, going to Sea World and relaxing.

I was so glad my parents were able to make it down. My mom had her gallbladder removed the day before she was supposed to leave. We weren't sure if they would be able to come at all but half way through the week they made it. The kids were so happy to have their Papa and Gee there.

While we were there I took a zillion pictures so I'm going to break it up and share some of my favorites over the next few days. 

I'm starting out with the beach.
We didn't spend everyday at the beach since it's a lot of work with 2 babies and 3 toddlers but we did get a lot of sand time in.
We made sand castles, dug for sand crabs, collected rocks, ate sand (well only Jacob really), and swam in the ocean. 
My nieces went boogie boarding for the first time also. Their little faces were too cute to watch. 


theolivetree said...

I take a zillion photos as well. I have the same teal and white stripes swimsuit for my daughter via target :) Looks like a lovely day!

katie said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Great pics!

Gee said...

I'm so happy that I got to make it to the beach!! I would have died if I had to miss the whole week!! :) It was a blast!!

hannah singer said...

hooray for the beach! glad y'all had a great vacation. love all the photos, the kiddos are so adorable and the bright colors are fun!