Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Week Later.

It seems impossible to me that a whole week has already gone by.
On one hand I feel like I had Jacob yesterday and on the other I feel like he's been a part of our family the whole time. 
So far things have been going rather smoothly and better than I had anticipated. 
When we had Ethan our life was turned upside down and we were not prepared. We were stressed out with his feedings, his sleep schedule, and everything else that new parents feel. We didn't handle it very well and we didn't work as a team.
This time around we are helping one another more than ever. We both pitch in to get things done without asking the other to do so. We are tired, but we aren't getting on each others nerves. We are working toward the common goal of making our family work. It feels good. 
I have come to realize that juggling two kids is not going to be so easy, not that I thought it would be, but I really want to make sure I'm giving equal time to both of them. Right now it's hard and Ethan is feeling it but I know it will get easier. 
Ethan's been doing a great job as a big brother. He wants to help feed Jacob, change his diaper, and he wants to smother him. Literally lay on him and smother him. We have to watch how rough he is with Jacob but so far there has been no major damage, just a couple of eye pokes. Ethan has also been behaving pretty well too. I was afraid he would act out a whole lot but so far we've had only a few meltdowns. Plus, he's two and wants to be very independent which adds to the craziness I'm sure. 
Well that's the run down of how things have been going and he's some pictures from the week.


Gee said...

What's gonna work!! Do I sound like a Nick Jr. cartoon? It will just keep getting easier and sometimes harder...but as long as you work together, it'll be great!! :) I'm so proud!!

mimi said...

The two of you are a great team! Yes, you are very tired, but look at Jacob and Ethan and they melt your hearts! It's so worth it!!!