Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In The Hospital.

Jacob and I had several visitors during our brief stay in the hospital. 
Papa and Gee were so excited to meet him.
Do you see me shoving my face with food in the background? I was starving. 
Proud Daddy.
Jacob meeting Mimi and PopPop for the first time.
I love the look on Aunt Emily's face.
I didn't get pictures of everyone that had stopped by, but I'm so happy for all the visitors we had.
But the most important visitor of all was the Big Brother, Ethan.
At first when he walked in the door I thought he was going to cry. 
I'm not sure if he was worried about me or the realization of what was about to happen to him was sinking in. Whatever it was, the look faded quickly and he was interested in the little person laying in the crib. 
Our first family photo.
Ethan was very sweet to Jacob and wanted to kiss him over and over again. He was also a tad bit hyper and kept jumping on the bed. He was really very sweet and loving, which made me very proud. 
After a busy day of visitors and a little bit of rest that night, we were ready to go home. 
It was definitely a very eventful two days, to say the least.


Mimi said...

Jacob Nathan is a beautiful "little prince". He is blessed with wonderful, caring parents and a great big brother. We are so happy for you!
His great grandad would be thrilled to know Nathan is named after him!
Love You,
Mimi and Pop Pop

Emily Ann Wilson said...

So many good pics. That last one of him with that tiny, mini smirk is my fave.