Wednesday, July 18, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Big life changing question I've been contemplating these days.
Ok, not really. But it is one I have been thinking about lately.
Over the last couple of months I haven't really been into the whole blogging thing. 
I haven't been posting much and I haven't really been reading other blogs as well.
I don't know if I just got tired of it or I got too busy or I've found other things to take up my time.
I don't really have a good reason.

I do know this was going on in my head...

I don't know if this whole blogging thing is really my gig. 
I mean, I don't aspire to be a writer of any kind.
I don't have an etsy shop where I'm trying to sell my goods.
I'm not crafting up a storm everyday.
I'm not crazy into fashion and post my fabulous outfits daily. 
I'm not ready to share "my story" and let the whole wide world into my deepest darkest secrets. 
Don't get me wrong...these things are great for others.
I think the blogging world is a great community and a wonderful resource.
I've actually learned a lot from what other bloggers write, share and create.

And then silly questions started nagging at me...
How can I get my blog to grow?
Why don't I have hundreds of followers?
Why didn't I get any comments on that post?
Why can't I make "that" and make it better?
Who really cares about what I say anyway?

Then the other day I began to remember why I started blogging in the first place.
My purpose was to document our life as a family.
It was a blog for me. 
For Brett and for our kids.
To remember the days that go by so quickly which we will soon forget.
And when I remembered this I felt a little sad for what I've let pass the last couple of months. 
We've been to San Diego and Arizona.
The local zoo, the beach, the park, Disneyland.
We've spent countless days in the backyard playing in the water. 
We celebrated the 4th of July. 
We've had some rough days in there too, don't get me wrong.
But I have nothing to show for it. 
Maybe just a few snapshots here and there, but no words to remember them by.

I guess my point is I do want to continue blogging. 
Not for the followers, the praise or the comments.
But to remember with words, and not just a few photos I snapped with my iPhone.
I want to blog for me and my family.
Because really at the end of the day, that's what is most important. 


Krista said...

I hear you on this one. I often wonder what I have to offer the blogworld. But in the end I'm grateful for an outlet for my thoughts and feelings, whether anyone really reads it or not, and looking back on things I've written in the past is enjoyable to me.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!

christina said...

well said! I did the same thing I wanted to keep a journal, a place to collect thoughts...ideas recipes, stories and so on ... if people read then great! If they don't oh well :)

Denise said...

i have been asking this same question. i feel the same-if i'm going to keep blogging it is going to HAVE to be for me and for my family.