Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, Monday.

Today has been one of those days.
There are too many dishes in the sink, purple marker on the couch, toys all over the floor, crumbs underneath the table, fit throwing, whining and complaining to no end.
I'm grouchy. My temper is short. 
I'm tired.
Which really is only my own fault since I can't seem to pull myself away from watching the Olympics and season 4 of Breaking Bad.
(does anyone else watch that show? because it is amazing. best. show. ever.) 
Once both kids fell asleep for their naps I only wanted to sit on the couch and throw myself a pity party.
But I knew I would feel worse if I did.
So I tidied up a bit, swept the floors, and got things ready for dinner.
I felt a little better but I was still having somewhat of a pity party.
I sat on the couch and started looking at the pictures on my phone. 
These smiling faces were staring back at me....

Almost instantly I stopped feeling sorry for myself and my "bad day"
I mean, how can life really be that bad? Do you see these wonderful people in these pictures?
My people. My husband and my boys. 
Yes, sometimes it's rough and some days feel like too much, but really it's not.
It could be so much worse and selfishly I forget that sometimes.
God has given me my family and this day. He's also given me the choice in how I deal with it and I'm not too sure God would be thrilled with how I have acted today..
So I'm turning my attitude around, taking a deep breath, and starting over. 
No more pity party here. 
And really who cares about the dishes, they can wait until tomorrow. 


the girl in the red shoes said...

Your boys are so precious. Thanks for the reminder to take things day by day and focus on what's really important!

Krista said...

I've had those exact same kind of days. Thank goodness for starting over huh! Hope the rest of the week is a bit brighter :)

I still love ht epic of Jacob in the bucket, too cute!

Denise said...

this is me on too many days... have to delight. "entering his gates with thanksgiving in my heart" always changes my perspective.