Monday, July 23, 2012

Ethan's 4th Birthday.

Tomorrow Ethan will be 4 years old. 
I know every mother says this but really time is flying by like crazy.
Last night we celebrated our big guy's birthday.
Which by the way is very confusing to an almost 4 year old since he's not quite 4 yet. 
When I had asked Ethan months ago what kind of party he wanted he told me Spiderman.
So Spiderman it was.

 He was just a little spoiled by our family and friends with more Spiderman loot than we know what to do with. We had a great time and I know Ethan loved every second of it. 
Happy 4th Birthday Buddy!!


christina said...

Happy birthday to your boy!!!!

Krista said...

Love your cityscape and giant webbed-wonder! Glad it was a good birthday for your little guy :)