Sunday, March 18, 2012


Oh wait, it's Sunday?
How did that happen?
I haven't been taking many pictures with my "big" camera so I thought I should do a cell phone dump.
This is not a weeks worth of photos but rather a couple weeks.
I just didn't want to forget some of these when I go back and look at this blog years from now.
(will that really happen?)

Anyway, here goes...

I went to the little tiny concert with my sister a couple weeks ago.
The music was great and we went to a Persian restaurant afterwards.
That was some seriously good food.
 I feel Jacob and little Lucy will be the best of friends. 
I'm forcing it.
 Ethan had his first haircut at SuperCuts. He usually goes to the woman that cuts Brett's hair but we forgot that picture day was the next day so we had to go to SuperCuts. He was not happy about it.
 I'm so happy we have Disneyland passes.
 Brett and I were able to get away for one morning and we had a wonderful brunch overlooking the water.
 I got to drive the little ones around the other day for a bit.
 Cousin Train.
 We went to the park in the morning one day.
It was cold but we needed to go.
We had gone to breakfast beforehand and Ethan consumed way too much syrup.
All that energy needed to go somewhere and the park is always perfect.

 Ethan and I made a trip to Costco, on a Sunday, craziness!
This little lounger was killing me.
I really think my mom needs to buy a few for around her pool.
Hint, hint.
 I lost Jacob the other day and found him here.
He had opened the door, pulled the clothes out and climbed inside.
The things he can do just amaze me and terrify me all at once.
 We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for the first time.
It wasn't as gross and horrific as I thought it would be.
They wanted to go in the monster truck that bounces around but 10 seconds in Ethan was near tears and trying to climb out.
He swore the thing was going to toss him right on out.
It was hard not laugh.
 My Grandpa celebrated his 75th birthday this week.
We're going to dinner tonight (without little kids) to celebrate.
Since the little kids won't be there we celebrated with cupcakes on Friday. 
My Grandparents have 7 great grandkids.
I love that my kids have Grandparents and Great Grandparents. 
Lucky kids!
life rearranged


Gee said...

I got the hint about the loungers...lets see what Papa has to say about that!! :) AND...yes...your kids are lucky to have those Great Grandparents!! That's pretty cool!!
AND...don't forget to invest in the locks for all of your appliances!! That kid will be the death of me!!

likeschocolate said...

looks like you had a grea week!

theolivetree said...

my sons screams during haircuts...I'd take the unhappy My kiddos love making trains our of chairs too! chuck e cheese is the place of dreams in our house