Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here and There.

How about a bit of random today?
Here you go.

Even though it's not officially spring yet I've started some spring decorating.
Which really means, Ethan is making some spring crafts.
I love these little bird houses from Michael's. I mean, a dollar! Can't beat that!
He was so careful to fill in every spot with color, all but one side, don't ask me why.
Oh and you can't see it but there's glitter paint on it too. Awesome.

I'm making a chicken salad for dinner tonight with these fine ingredients. Yum!

I started a bible study this morning with a group of ladies I don't know, well all but one.
This is way out of my comfort zone but this fell into my lap and I knew I needed to do it.
Everyone was very nice and welcoming, and my nervousness soon disappeared.
I'm looking forward to the next 9 weeks.
Have you done a Beth Moore bible study?
She's intense but I like her.

Lastly, this is how Jacob could spend all of his time.
If only I had a quarter of that energy. Geesh!!

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