Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hospital Already?

Last night Brett and I spent our evening at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.
I hadn't been feeling too good on Sunday afternoon and Monday so the doctor wanted to have me checked out. I was feeling light-headed, dizzy, really tired, and couldn't catch my breath. It made me a little nervous since I didn't do anything like that with Ethan so I gave the doc a call. She was concerned about my blood pressure among other things and told me to head on over to the labor and delivery floor at the hospital. 
Thankfully we got right in, they hooked me up, drew my blood and started monitoring me. 
While we waited for the blood test results and the EKG to be done, we got to hear the little guy loud and clear on the monitor. His heart rate was perfect and he was extremely active at times. We usually only get to hear his heartbeat for a minute or two at the doctor's office, so it was awesome being able to listen to his little heart beating for all that time.
After 3 hours we learned there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, except for the fact that I'm pregnant. 
They told me to make sure I drink tons of fluids, especially since it's getting warmer, and rest as much as possible. I had a feeling nothing would be wrong but it's always better to have everything checked out, just in case.
And aren't hospital gowns so attractive?

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