Monday, July 26, 2010

Ethan's 2!

On Saturday our little man turned 2 years old. 
It's hard for me to believe that only 2 short years ago I was in the hospital getting ready to meet him. 
It was by far my proudest moment and favorite day of my life.
It seems crazy that only 2 days later we got to bring this little tiny person home with us and instantly we became parents.

We started off the day with presents from us. He loves tractors right now so that's what he got, plus some play-doh, which was not as interesting.

Later in the day we celebrated with our family by having an ice cream party.
It was a blast!
The kids ate tons of ice cream, swam in the kiddie pool and played til they were wiped out.
Here is a glimpse of the party...

It really was such a great day! I had been a little stressed earlier but by the time the party came around I was stress free and I got to enjoy myself. But the best part was that Ethan really had a wonderful time and you can see it on that little handsome face.
Happy Birthday!


Rad Runner said...

Looks like a TON of fuN! Fabulous decorations :) Did you notice Ethan is holding a spoon in almost every picture?- as though he is ready to dig in at any time? :)

Anonymous said...