Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Nature Center.

Today my sister and I took all the kids to the El Dorado Park Nature Center
I'm not sure why we don't come here more often.
It's 5 minutes away from our house and it's just $5 to park.
The kids love it.
There are turtles, ducks, lizards, spiders, insects of all kinds, beautiful trees and flowers. 
We went on the 1 mile trail, which is super easy and great for the kids.
I remembered to take my camera with me.
I haven't been taking it with me too much these days since it just seems like one more thing to lug around, but I'm glad I did. I got some fun pictures of all the kids, so get ready for more pictures then you'd probably like. 

 I really love how little Lucy and Jacob are having a conversation in the picture above. 

 This crazy duck was attacking us.
Lucy had dropped some goldfish and this duck popped out of the bushes and was not scared of us at all.
Lucy was a little terrified but she still managed to kick that crazy duck in the bill.

 They were so adorable with one another today.
Some days they fight like brothers and sisters but today they were wonderful.
We had a great day and we will definitely be going back sooner than later. 

On a side note: Jacob would not leave the house without these hideous socks on with these specific shoes.
He's getting so opinionated. Geesh!! 


the girl in the red shoes said...

Jacob's socks crack me up! Such cute cousins....glad you had a great day!

Krista said...

You sure did get some cute pics. Love the duck! Isn't it great when you re-discover something so great so close to home :)