Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The First Stitches.

Oh hi blog. 
I didn't forget about you, I've just been crazy busy.
There's no way I could ever catch up on all that has happened in our life but I'm hoping to write about some important events that have happened. 
First being....our first experience with stitches.
Here's the story.

It was April 4th and the boys and I had nothing planned for the day.
I drove through McDonald's and picked up lunch then we headed over to the park.
The boys were kind of eating their lunch but mostly playing on the climber (jungle gym, what do you call it?).
Ethan had told me one of the boys there wasn't being very nice to him. 
I saw the boy push him while he was on the slide so I reminded him and all the other kids around that everyone needs to keep their hands to themselves. 
Ethan again told me the boy was not very nice to him so I told him to not play with him.
I made sure I stayed close by.
Not 5 minutes later, Ethan was on the climber, standing on the platform near the top of the slide talking to me, when this same boy walked over and pushed him as hard as he could. It was so unprovoked and surprising. 
Ethan went flying off the platform and landed onto a half dome shaped metal ladder.
His face broke his fall.
Now if you know Ethan you know he could be blown away by a little bit of wind. 
He is the lightest child that has ever lived.
So when I say he went flying I mean it.
It was the most terrifying moment I've had so far as a Mom, not to mention the sound I heard when he fell.
I can't even describe it.
This is what he looked like when we got to the ER.

He was so tough and brave through the whole thing.
He cried right away, of course, but stopped before we even got to the ER.
Oh and how did I manage to get him there?
Thank goodness there were some wonderful mothers at the park that packed up all my stuff and got me and the kids loaded in the car. 
And thankfully Brett was just 5 minutes away at his office and he was able to meet us at the hospital.
And if you were wondering, the kid and his grandpa (or at least that is who I assume he was) didn't have much to say to us. But I'm over it and not angry anymore. Ethan did tell me that if he sees him again at the park he's going to do his Karate on him. I can't say I wouldn't let him.

He was a champ at the hospital and never cried.
 He didn't cry even though he was tired and hungry and in pain and uncomfortable. 
He was amazing.
Next door to us was a young gang member, or should I say wanna-be gang member, who injured his hand while punching out a car window. Fabulous.
He cried, yelled, swore and shouted because of the pain.
Ethan laughed and said, "I'm really brave. Not him."
So true. 

We were so thankful that his injury was just to his cheek and he didn't break the cheek bone. 
Obviously we would have been looking at a much more serious injury and the doctors told us he were very fortunate. 
At the end of the day he had 2 stitches on the inside and 11 on the outside.
The doctor did an amazing job and he healed up wonderfully. 

He will have a scar for life but it sure looks good on him. 
I'm just so thankful it wasn't more serious. 


Katie @ minivan diva said...

Oh, your poor guy! What a brave boy. See your kids hurt is not fun. : (

Krista said...

That was such a nasty accident and I felt so bad when I saw your post on Instagram. Now I'm angry after hearing the story of how he got it. How can adults be so non-chalant about what their kids/grandkids do? Good thing you two are over it and the healing is going so well. You have one tough little boy there and I'm sure you're oh so proud of him :)

Trina {Beginner Beans} said...

Oh my goodness, poor little guy! And I can't believe he was intentionally pushed! Kids can be so cruel :(

the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh my gosh! Poor guy! He was such a brave boy. What a sweet little guy you have on your hands! Even with a little scar he is too cute for words.

he calls me wifey said...

OH MY GOODNESS! reading this made me so angry. i cannot believe how horrible kids can be!! praise the Lord that you are an awesome mother and your son is an awesome young man. how brave is he!

my goodness. i seriously can't believe it. he is a trooper! plus, he's gonna have a pretty awesome little scar. i love scars, they add so much character!

wow, i am just so sorry this happened. praying for you and your little man! go Ethan!


he calls me wifey said...

p.s. can i get your email addy?

hannah singer said...

what a champ!! praise jesus for nothing serious!

xo enjoy your weekend!

theolivetree said...

oh poor thing and poor mama!! Glad he is ok!

Gee said...

Just read this and I still can't believe that I was gone when this happened!! I wanted to cry all over again!! What a cutie that boyzie-boy is!! :)