Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Sugar & What I Wore Wednesday.

It's been a while since I've posted.
Life's been busy, good busy, but busy.

I'm going to Blog Sugar. Are you?


It's still a few months away but I can't wait.
I was a little hesitant about deciding to go since I'm kind of shy around peeps I don't know. 
I felt like I would be missing out on a wonderful opportunity to meet and listen to some of the fabulous bloggers behind the words they write if I didn't attend, so I decided to go.
Plus my sister, Erin, decided to go with me (she's more outgoing than I am), and I'm sure we'll have a great time.
I don't really know what to expect since I've never been to a blogging conference, but I'm excited.
I'm linking up over here today with fellow attendees. 
Can't wait to meet all of you!


And if you were wondering what I have on this Wednesday, here it is.

I'm a walking Old Nay advertisement, from like 2 years ago.
Everything, except the bracelets, are from Old Navy.
I've been working at my old job, just as a substitute the last couple of days and I quickly realized I no longer have office attire.
I had a yard sale a couple of months ago and I got rid of most the "business-like" clothes I owned.
Thankfully the office isn't too stuffy and this outfit makes the cut.
Thanks Erin for lending me the sweater to cover up my bare shoulders. 
I'm linking up at the Pleated Poppy too.
Go check out some snazzy outfits.

pleated poppy

Happy Middle of the Week!


Denise said...

we're both blog sugaring ad wiww today!

you look adorable.

see you in september!

katie said...

Love the green sweater. You look adorable! I can't wait to meet you at blog sugar. : )

hannah singer said...

green is your color, girl!

can't wait to meet you for reals! so awesome that erin is joining you-y'all are the greatest! (wish my sister was going!) love ya!

the Blah Blah Blahger said...

LOVE that shade of green!!!

Can't wait to meet you at Blog Sugar!!!

Four Flights said...

Looking forward to meeting you! :)

Mindy Harris said...

i'm going to blogsugar too and am just excited to be in cali.
where there's water.
i am landlocked in kansas.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your dress. The sweater is cute too.

christi @ burlap and basil said...

old navy always has such cute stuff!

popping in to say hello to the other sugar babies! yeah blog sugar!

i'm hosting a july giftaway - anthropologie pillow and some goodies! i hope you'll enter!